Come To School With Us!

The Puppy Academy is the ultimate training experience for you and your puppy! 

Modeled after a school-like schedule and structure, we shape puppies into  well-mannered members of the family by helping to train puppies for their owners. 

Our goal is to relieve the stress of puppyhood from new puppy owners by offering exceptional support and training services that take away the time-consuming burden of traditional training methods, while simultaneously building owners’ confidence in their ability to manage their pup at home and in public with ease.

We take the ruff out of puppyhood!


How It Works

Puppies join us for a semester at The Puppy Academy where they are dropped off at school in the morning for a full day specialized training classes, socialization and fun! 

At pick up time, owners are filled in on how their puppy performed that day, are given tips on what to work in at home, and receive a report card to keep track of their pup’s progress.

Puppies attend school 3-6 days per week for up to 12 weeks, depending on their package. 

Throughout the semester, owners partake in 1-on-1 Private Owner Lessons where they get to see everything their pup can do, and most importantly, learn how to continue these valuable training techniques in their own home for the highest success! 

Why It Works

By attending The Puppy Academy for an entire semester, we are able to establish and maintain a daily routine with your puppy, which promotes effective learning. Through this repetition, puppies quickly learn what is expected of them and good behavior patterns.

Puppies grow and learn new things every day. By being with them regularly over some of the most crucial first months of their lives, we have a significant impact on shaping their behavior. 

We are able to closely monitor your pup, instill good manners, and detect, decrease and prevent any other bad behaviors from arising or becoming a problem in the future. 



The Results

Through consistent training with your puppy over an extended period of time, good habits stick as they become a natural way of being and living. 

Our training becomes a part of every puppy’s lifestyle, which leads to our enormous success rates and the longevity of the training lasting for your pup’s entire life.

At the end of the semester, and by implementing simple practices in your home, your puppy will graduate as a trained pup, knowing proper puppy etiquette and good behavior, understanding essential commands, be potty trained, and so much more! And if you want to further your pup's education, the answer is YES - we do have Grad School! 




Eligible puppies must be between the ages of 10 weeks and 9 months old and pass an initial temperament test to be enrolled, which is performed in our free consultations. We have zero size or breed restrictions.


Puppies to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. We require a minimum of 2 rounds of DHPP and 1 Bordetella to begin school. At this time these pups won't interact with the other students (they'll have their own play area) or go on outdoor walks on the ground (they'll go for a stroller walk instead so they are still socialized with the outside world). Once they have their third round, they'll partake fully with the other students.



Enrolled students must also pass a daily health check before class admittance for the day. This is to ensure all students are in optimal health for their own safety and well-being, and that of their fellow classmates.

Students must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age, unless otherwise recommended by their vets for a later spay/neuter date.

Training Areas 

The Puppy Academy is designed to help you out with all the basics to get you through puppyhood and beyond! You will be surrounded by our team of puppy experts here to help guide you at all times. Our training areas include:

  • Obedience Commands with Hand Signals: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, House, Place, Leave It, Drop It and Fetch

  • Potty and Crate Training

  • Leash and Walk Training

  • Nipping and Bite Inhibition Training

  • No Jump and No Bark Training

  • Socialization

  • Threshold Training

  • Recall Training

  • Distraction Training

  • Good Eating Habits Training including Waiting for Water Bowl Training

  • Desensitization and Familiarization Training with loud noises and common household appliances

  • Territory Marking and Prevention Training

  • Grooming, Handling and Teeth Brushing Training

  • Rules, Boundaries and Limitations Training aka teaching your pup what is expected of them so you can hold them accountable and get that well-mannered pup you desire in the home, office, and outdoors!  



All training packages include both classroom and "real world" training, 1-on-1 training, group training, and  private 1-on-1 Owner Lessons to set you up for success with your pup!

The School Day Schedule 

What's your puppy up to while in school? We have different classes at different hours of the day that our students attend -- just like real school! Click to enlarge our full school day schedule! 


Taxi Service

Need a ride? Ask us about our special Academy Taxi Service that will pick up and drop off your puppy to and from your home or work for you on school days!


Because all puppies and owner's training goals are different, all quotes are done based on an in-person questionnaire and pup evaluation we do here at our facility with one of our top trainers during our free consultations. Once our trainers assess, they can offer the best package options for you to choose from. 


Click here to schedule your FREE consultation and pup assessment with us today so we can determine the best package, length of program, and pricing  options for you and your pup!

Learn More

More questions? Check out our FAQs section for additional information, or contact us so we can help you out. 

Our Mission

Approximately 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year across the U.S., with the average age of 18 months old. 96% of these pups have never received any form of obedience training.  

In fact, the number one reason why dogs are surrendered to shelters is because of behavioral issues that many overwhelmed new owners don't realize can easily be fixed with just a little bit of proper training.  

It is The Puppy Academy's main objective to help drastically reduce the number of dogs that are given up, by offering assistance through education and simple, convenient, and effective training. We strive to help build that special life-changing bond and experience between owner and pup, so more and more puppies remain in their forever homes, well, FOREVER.  

Our Core Values 

1.  We support and help overwhelmed and stressed new puppy owners. 

2.  We provide exceptional training, care, and education to both owners and puppies. 

3.  We promote and use healthy food and treat options, as well as helpful, safe toys and tools for puppies.

4.  We are passionate about what we do and continue to grow through learning, and educating our staff, our clients, and ourselves.

5.  We believe in positive reinforcement and using dog psychology as the best and most effective methods for successful training.

6.  We assist in quickly establishing the incredible bond between owner and puppy.

7.  We believe proper training and education between puppies and owners is the key to lowering the number of dogs that are taken to shelters by overwhelmed owners.

8.  We take pride in a clean, safe, and loving environment for puppies to learn, play, and grow in.

9.  We believe that socializing and training a dog early in life will result in a better-mannered, respectful family member, and a more calm and relaxed home environment.  

10.  We celebrate puppies and the abundance of unconditional love, countless smiles, and wonderful experiences they graciously give during their lifetime with us. We are never the same after owning a dog.